Ready to deliver next-level customer experiences? Here's how

Build 1-to-1 customer journeys across all channels and departments.

Visualize, track, and manage real-time customer experiences — driving valuable engagement at the right moment, just the way your audience prefers.


Maintaining track of your competition and the state of your industry is an integral part of performing any business.


Inter-dependent Workflows

Create workflows that work in-sync to automate complex business processes.

Hyper Targeting Campaigns

Target 1-to-1 advertising using your acquired and re-engage customers.

Dynamic Segmentation

Segment customers by their activities to identify if a customer is a serious buyer.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Communicate & track the web activities of your prospect customers on all digital channels.

100+ customers using Our application.

Multi-functional platform offering marketing automation, customer engagement marketing, real-time personalization to offer personalized messaging across marketing channels.


More Features

Marketing Automation.

This Feature allows you to automate your tasks for various events in the system based on the conditions and actions you provide.

Drip Marketing.

A Drip Campaign is a sequence of Email marketing messages that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide.

Landing Page Builder.

This is a powerful module of Aiozium where in one can design landing pages to capture lead data such as name, email, mobile etc.

Emailer Builder & Campaign.

Design and send rich Emails using a simple and powerful wizard.

Lead Scoring & Triggers.

Lead Score is a numeric value associated with a Lead which allows you to measure its relative importance over other leads in the system.

Website Tracking.

Aiozium provides you the Lead insights by tracking the website activities of your leads.

Lead Magnet.

Aiozium provides multiple ways to collect lead or to engage with lead visiting your website.

List Segmentation.

Aiozium provides a segment feature where in one can create group of Leads based on the lead attributes or activities associated to Leads.


Aiozium system is highly flexible to integrate with any of the systems with the intention of capturing leads.

Lead Tracking.

Aiozium enables you Sales team with seamless and Dead Simple Lead tracking features.

Lead Qualification.

It is very important to contact quality leads first and Aiozium enables you to do so by setting Quality parameters for your Leads based on your business needs.

Lead Distribution.

You can distribute your leads based on any of the lead attributes such as geography, product interest or any other criteria.

Sales Automation.

With Aiozium Automation features you can manage your sales execution in very efficient manner.

Report & Analytics.

Aiozium comes with hundred plus standard reports which are built on experience and Custom reports.