Aiozium Features

Aiozium Workflow

Marketing Automation.

This Feature allows you to automate your tasks for various events in the system based on the conditions and actions you provide.

Drip Marketing.

A Drip Campaign is a sequence of Email marketing messages that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide.

Landing Page Builder.

This is a powerful module of Aiozium where in one can design landing pages to capture lead data such as name, email, mobile etc.

Emailer Builder & Campaign.

Design and send rich Emails using a simple and powerful wizard.

Lead Scoring.

Lead Score is a numeric value associated with a Lead which allows you to measure its relative importance over other leads in the system.

Website Tracking.

Aiozium provides you the Lead insights by tracking the website activities of your leads.

Lead Magnet.

Aiozium provides multiple ways to collect lead or to engage with lead visiting your website.

List Segmentation.

Aiozium provides a segment feature where in one can create group of Leads based on the lead attributes or activities associated to Leads.


Aiozium system is highly flexible to integrate with any of the systems with the intention of capturing leads.

Lead Tracking.

Aiozium enables you Sales team with seamless and Dead Simple Lead tracking features.

Lead Qualification.

It is very important to contact quality leads first and Aiozium enables you to do so by setting Quality parameters for your Leads based on your business needs.

Lead Distribution.

You can distribute your leads based on any of the lead attributes such as geography, product interest or any other criteria.

Sales Automation.

With Aiozium Automation features you can manage your sales execution in very efficient manner.

Report & Analytics.

Aiozium comes with hundred plus standard reports which are built on experience and Custom reports.


Aiozium BI

Dataset Connectors.

All your data connected simply, regardless of their format, in one secure place for you to access and work on. Stop extracting your data every time you want an updated report.

Derived Dataset.

Let you combine different column from different data source and can apply operators to drive desire details. It help you to analysis data drilled further.

Real-time Data Sync.

Say stop to copy/paste or data extraction. Stay on top of your business performance with automated data refresh. Daily, weekly, monthly, whatever you need.

Reports Builder.

Fast and easy dashboard creation to organize all your relevant data and deliver instant results. Drag and drop widgets into your dashboards, select the right data and bring your it to life.

R and Python Report.

User the power of data science tool and visualize it the way you want. Run code and connector and let the data display trend and prominent patterns.

Muti-level Drill View.

It allows you to go deeper in data to find out the fact which matters a lot. Multi- level drill feature the best tool of data intelligence to take accurate decision.

Role -Based Access.

Clear workflow without multiple file versions, collaborate and share with your colleagues easily in just one click. Access your business KPIs from anywhere on the web.


Aiozium Intelligence

Emotional Algo.

Emotional algo consists of human psychological ethos. It analyses the behavior basis on different kinds of emotions.

Predictive Algo Allocation.

Predictive algo is an algorithm that predicts the forecasting human behavior basis on the past and current interactions.

Contexual Algo Allocation.

Contextual Algo analyses the content across various channels viz. website, email and all communication.

Transactional Algo.

Transaction algo emphasize on the transactional activities. It tracks the customer's whole journey and analyses the customer's.