While engaging with a sales professional is at the heart of a B2B or high-ticket item buyer’s journey, lead nurturing is what propels the operation forward. Many of your prospects may freeze or go through the cracks if you don’t provide a tailored marketing experience that includes well-timed emails and retargeted advertisements to keep you front of mind.

Lead nurturing tools automate a large portion of this workflow, allowing your sales representatives to focus on high-touch relationships. Lead nurturing software allows you to send personalized emails, messages, and other material in response to a variety of lead actions at scale.

There is a lead nurturing solution and demand generation marketing plan that is appropriate for you, whether you are a small firm with a restricted budget or an enterprise-level organization.

What is Lead Nurturing Software?

Lead nurturing software maintains contact with your leads even when your sales professionals are not available. It generally collaborates with customer relationship management (CRM) technology to send tailored material to prospects when they perform particular actions, such as downloading an ebook or clicking on a link in an email.

Lead nurturing software is likely to have the following features:

  •  Email Automation – Send emails to prospects based on where they are in the sales process, and then advance them along the funnel depending on how they reply to the email.
  • Lead Scoring – Designate a number value to each lead that describes how involved they are with the business so that sales professionals know where to concentrate their energy.
  • Campaign Management – Build campaigns that span many channels to reach leads wherever they may be.
  •  Personalization – It entails changing the messaging, style, or content elements based on the qualities and tastes of a lead.

ยท        Lead Segmentation – It is the process of categorizing leads based on their traits or behavior to offer relevant information to them.

Lead Nurturing Softwares For a Marketing Team

1.     Inside Sales Box

Inside Sales Box acts as a bridge between your marketing automation platforms and your CRM. The platform consolidates all of your follow-ups and nurturing procedures into one panel that records your activities and where your team should move next. Create sales inflections for your prospects and equip your team with email, text message, voicemail, and other template communications. Smart email programs collect data on important email metrics such as opens, bounces, and unsubscribes.

2.     Pipeline

Pipeline integrates a lead management solution with sales tracking, email, and content interaction capabilities, as well as data tracking and movement straight into your CRM. Through goals and notifications, its sales-focused UI keeps representatives updated. All representatives have access to a shared knowledge base where they may contribute documents, cadences, themes, and workflows. Gmail, WebMerge for contract creation, Quickbooks, and other sales-focused connections are available.

3.     Aiozium

Aiozium is one of the best marketing automation solutions that gathers and evaluates massive amounts of data to provide you with a holistic image of each client that changes with them. It predicts customer trends based on a variety of emotional and behavioral algorithms, increasing leads by picking the ideal marketing strategy and advertising campaigns for maximum resource utilization, resulting in a higher ROI.

4.     AWeber

AWeber is essentially an autoresponder and email marketing platform, but its capabilities, as well as its integrations with other applications and tools, make it ideal for lead nurturing. The tool has fewer features than many others on our list, but it is ideal for small firms that perform the majority of their lead nurturing via email. Autoresponders allow you to swiftly connect with prospects, whilst app connections assist you to expand your contact lists. Customers may be tagged to be segmented into groups and autoresponders that correspond to each tag can be triggered. It’s the epitome of customization.

5.     Pardot

Pardot is a Salesforce B2B marketing automation solution. By integrating these two prominent platforms, you can create business requirements that nurture leads along the pipeline. These same principles provide your organization regular lead updates depending on consumer interactions with email and on-site content. Sales notifications allow you to move prospects from marketing to sales when they are ready to buy, rather than spending time following cold leads.

6.     HubSpot

Hubspot is a marketing automation and sales enablement industry leader. The program is separated into three sections: CRM, marketing, and sales, but the true potential of the technology is shown when all three are combined. To measure your success, sales tools such as drip campaigns, real-time notifications, and automated CRM changes are available.

7.     Marketo

Marketo has established itself as a leading voice in the B2B sales and marketing sector by providing a large library of educational materials to assist you in developing your lead nurturing plan. They also have a fantastic marketing automation tool that sends out automated emails depending on customer activity and alerts you to follow up on consumer site interactions. Check out the marketing engagement platform, which allows you to distribute your content to leads across your funnel and drive them closer to conversion in a variety of ways.

8.     SharpSpring

SharpSpring is a robust marketing automation tool that interacts with website visitors depending on their activities on the site, such as email automation, form fills, and tailored content. With alerts and regular reports, your team can remain on top of hot leads, while your content reaches leads automatically. Lead scoring gauges curiosity using online engagement measures, whereas visitor metrics and statistics help you learn where your site converts and where it loses leads.

9.     Act-On

Act-on combines automatic and customized email tools, as well as lead scoring and funnel analytics, to keep your organization on track and marketing to the appropriate leads at the right time. Because many of these elements are automated, your team will be able to devote more time to inbound and conversion activities. Build and modify your contact lists using the segmentation options until you discover the ideal combination.

10.     LeadSquared

LeadSquared is a lead nurturing and sales enablement system that blends marketing automation with a built-in CRM. A new conversion prediction tool assigns scores to your leads and prevents you from spending time on prospects that are dead, cold, or unqualified. LeadSquared uses machine learning to analyze the chance of conversion by combining real-world lead behaviors with historical data. These capabilities direct your sales team’s attention to hot leads, while marketing automation nurtures your leads.