Each decision made by the customer carries many conscious and subconscious emotions. To expertise in any business, one should have an understanding of psychology and human behaviour.

All of us have the same basic needs and mental triggers that prompt action. If we perceive these psychological triggers, we can craft more compelling marketing messages and boost sales.

So, here is an introduction to the significant psychological and emotional triggers that can boost your sales.


Most of the times human nature drives people with a strong desire to belong to something viz. a group, a gang, a family, or a social network. Usually, customers buy goods and services to show and feel a sense of belonging to a specific group, be it real or fabricated.


Fear is a dominant emotion that usually overrides reasoning processes and generates reactions without conscious thought. It can be utilised as a marketing contrivance to make consumers dependable to a brand, product or service.


Marketing reports that successfully make customers feel guilty can be highly potential for getting conversions and also very off-putting. As such, they are more often subject to fiery debate. Charities use this technique in their ad campaigns regularly with campaigns that guilt you over a cup of tea, a glass of water or a dinner.


Years of the economic dilemma have caused customers to become more perceptive about spending money. Concentrate on how you can illustrate to customers that you can be trusted. Here you should not try to be fake. You must honestly imply what you mean and do.


Values are judgments on how valuable something is to us. Values are oftentimes subjective judgments. Judgments are made on how important something is relevant to something else. People make buying choices based on values and judgements; sometimes purposive, sometimes not. Either way, it’s all concerning getting the genuine deal.

Sales triggers are often most connected with the final touch points; the ultimate push that makes the sale over the line; landing page elements that rise conversions or a fine-tuned product page that closes the sale.