Drip Marketing is where automatic email sets are distributed depending on particular deadlines or user activity. They allow you to stay in touch with groups of people that are based on events such as when a user signs up for an offer or how often the user visits your site. Any time a drip email is sent, it comes from a list of already-written emails — there is no need to write and send through manually at any time. They can also be updated with the logo, business information, and more from your contacts. Drip emails have an open rate of about 80 percent higher than average click-through single send rates are 3 times higher.

Communication is key to pacing. It’s crucial to keep your email frequency right, based on user habits or just the time after you last emailed them. If you test by sending them different but relevant content, you will only know what works best for your email base. You might experiment with a series of three-part autoresponders, but switch up variables like your call-to-action or subject lines. See what works best, and then move on to implement those practices. List segmenting is very important. You need to know where the emails are being sent to. No, we don’t mention the names of no e-mail addresses of the subscribers. We say their desires, habits for email, position, and so on.

All you need to provide important information to them. When you’re afraid of water, you don’t want to receive emails about the scuba diving gear, nor do subscribers on your email list. Segmenting your email lists can help your business create highly customized content for all of your clients and leads. One best benefit is that; this boosts your engagement. Triggered emails based on user actions have a better chance than standard email campaigns to get a response. Drip email campaigns encourage you to deeper and much more successful communication with your prospects. If your user continues their contract or buys a new product, through the redemption or new buying process, you can use drip strategies to reach consumers.

You will re-engage consumers by using an automatic drip marketing strategy to direct them straight to the “order” click on your website. The best feature is that if your customer leaves an unbought product in their cart, follow up with a drip email program to let them know the product is still available for purchase. Your content needs to be tailored to what your readers want. Understanding the desires and needs of your clients gets the email in the mailbox instead of the spam folder. Creating an email list based on approval that provides a checkbox for customers to opt-in to the mailing list means that a client knows what newsletters they are signed up for and how frequently they receive emails from you. You can build your brand with email marketing, out-do your marketing goals, and set yourself up as an expert, all without breaking your budget. With all these ways, it becomes very easy for your business to increase conversion rates. 

You can quickly create professional email marketing campaigns, no matter what your level of experience. That means less time spent worrying about the details of marketing and more time spent working to make your business a success. To experience these features of the Drip campaign, visit www.aiozium.com to schedule a demo!