The goal of marketing automation is to streamline your marketing processes and save you time. However, it might also assist you in saving money. This makes the system fantastic for both your employees and your consumers, and it gives a fantastic return on investment.

You can use the time you save to prioritize and execute other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Marketing automation is the process of combining software and strategy to build a more effective marketing system for you and your construction company’s clients.

Today’s solutions enable you to automate everything from email to social media marketing, as well as content management, lead nurturing, and customer service.

It also allows you the ability to track the results of your marketing efforts and monitor your marketing data.

If you’re having trouble with

  • Using the internet to engage specifiers and contractors,
  • Knowing which leads to nurture and prioritize is essential.
  • If you’re worried about finding the time to do everything, marketing automation is the solution.

If you want to learn more about marketing automation and how it works, read this.

Now I’ll go over few fantastic ways marketing automation can help you save time and money.

  • Save Time Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing, which is known to be a time-consuming activity, may be simplified and automated with marketing automation technologies. You can clearly save time by removing this action from your daily routine. However, it also ensures that you don’t overlook those warm leads.

The majority of sales are said to require four or more follow-ups, but this rarely happens since sales teams either forget or are already overburdened with work.

Automated follow-up emails that are well-thought-out and implemented can be designed to send at specific intervals that correspond to the life cycle of your building product. They can also be jam-packed with useful and relevant material that guides your prospects through the sales funnel.

Structure your follow-up in such a manner that it answers crucial questions about your product before they ask, and you don’t have to lift a finger, you create trust with your consumers and make automation into a sort of product education process.

  • Keep Your Current Customer Base

Automated marketing campaigns that operate in the background help you create relationships with your customers on important touchpoints like social media, email, and your website.

Not only will you have a higher level of customer trust and happiness with your current clients, but you may also be introduced to new consumers through word of mouth or social media sharing.

We all know that keeping customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones, therefore marketing automation saves you money by engaging with your consumers on your behalf and maintaining their trust and satisfaction.

Did you know that it is estimated that 85 percent of customer relationships with firms would be managed without the involvement of humans in the next two years?

  • Automated Personalization Helps You Sell More

Marketing automation enables your content management system to display ‘dynamic content,’ which changes based on who visits the website. The website will present customized and relevant content and offers based on the visitor’s profile, giving your company the best opportunity of reaching the right person with the right product at the right time.

Consider how Amazon presents you with personalized offers based on your personal browsing history and orders. What if you could include that on your construction product company’s website? It means you could experience a 20 percent rise in sales on average.

  • Maintain An Active Social Media Presence

You can give constant and valuable postings to your followers by automating your social media marketing. By posting about special discounts or intriguing business news on a regular basis, you’ll stay top of mind with your customers, even if only unconsciously.

You could save up to 6 hours each week by scheduling these updates all at once, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts will run on autopilot for the next few weeks.

  • Lead Scoring Software

You may build up workflows and triggers in a marketing automation system to update a lead’s lifecycle based on how they engage with your website or marketing content, and you can also send particularly targeted follow-ups based on these triggers.

This automation not only nurtures your leads for you but also helps you prioritize which prospects might benefit from a personal touch if they’re towards the end of the buyer’s journey.

You save time by not wasting it on low-fit prospects who aren’t ready to converse, let alone buy, by promoting your most engaged leads.

  • Organizing Your Marketing Campaigns

Timing is crucial, and automating a campaign allows you to reach out to your customers at any moment with more effective and unique material. When it comes to selecting when to run your advertising, knowing your clients is crucial. So, using this information, send your emails at a time that is convenient for both you and the customer.

Higher open rates have been observed between 7-9 a.m. when people are on their way to work, and 4-6 p.m., right before people leave work. Emails are usually read after the kids have gone to bed, around 8 p.m.


Implementing marketing automation in your construction company is a fantastic concept. It saves you time and money while also assisting you in being more organized.

Despite the fact that it is an investment, the advantages of strategically developing your business with marketing automation software give you a system that saves you money in the long run, not to mention time through fewer man-hours. 

Marketing automation is a method that allows you to communicate with your clients when it is most convenient for them. It enables you to communicate with consumers and prospects more effectively and in a more targeted and engaging manner.

Marketing Automation has numerous advantages, including assisting in forecasting and changing consumer behavior, as well as increasing customer experience through targeted marketing. 

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