What is your preferred method of generating leads?

If you say “purchasing leads,” we recommend cancelling all appointments because this will be a lengthy conversation. Buying leads is a waste of money because they are hollow and promise nothing. Quality leads are key for enhancing conversion rates, but you can only get more leads if you use marketing automation to produce them.

Let’s pretend you’re the owner of an organic internet meal delivery service. You have a large target market, which includes diabetics, Keto and Paleo enthusiasts, and others. You chose to create a marketing campaign in order to collect leads. 

The advertising is a success, and you’re getting a lot of visitors to your website. Some leads make it to the funnel’s terminus, while others escape in the midst. Your goal is to find those customers who left without purchasing something. One of the most fundamental marketing tactics you may employ to pull people in is email marketing.

Customizing emails for clients at various stages of the marketing funnel, on the other hand, can be time-consuming. So you’ve decided to use marketing automation software. You select a piece of software that automates the emailing procedure. It automatically sends emails to all of your visitors depending on their browsing patterns. 

You divide these folks into groups and automate the next line of emails as you receive feedback from them. As a result of supplying them with the information, they are actively seeking, your visitors become more interested in your goods. Those visits have turned into hot leads, and they will almost certainly make it to the bottom of the sales funnel.

Let’s look at some of the methods you may utilize now that you know how marketing automation works in lead generation:

  • Lead Magnet

Lead magnets can assist your marketing automation software to gather email addresses and enhance conversions. You can provide a lead magnet in a variety of ways. Make certain that what you’re promising is appealing and provides value. This might be anything from a free eBook to a discounted coupon or a low-cost membership.

  • Landing Pages

One of the most effective lead generation components is landing pages. If you have a lot of visitors to your landing page but no one clicks through to the service or product page, it’s time to modify your lead approach. The marketing automation software will track your clients’ buying cycle, as we well know. 

You can, however, build distinct contact forms for folks who are inquiring about a certain product to ensure that your email marketing secures the visitor’s return. As a result, the software will automate bespoke ads that are tailored to a certain set of people who are interested in a particular product.

  • Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns were intended to attract the attention of the target audience without being forceful or annoying. Marketers were able to attract the attention of their website visitors and convert them into leads thanks to the sluggish distribution of emails in a timely manner.

To make drip campaigns work, you must first categorize your visitors and then enter their email addresses into your marketing automation platform.

The software will then deliver targeted content emails to the leads at particular times. This will help you maintain your brand’s name in front of your prospects’ minds. Consider these to be business intelligence services that assist you in gathering information without wasting time or money.

  • Re-Engagement Campaigns

After evaluating the statistics, you discover that some of the visitors to your page have entered the marketing sales funnel, but are taking much too long to complete the transaction. You have no idea why these leads are just sitting there. It’s possible they don’t need the merchandise anymore or don’t want to make a hasty decision. These leads do not progress to the last step of the funnel as time passes. What’s the best way to retarget these dormant leads?

Re-engagement programs are the way to go!

Consider the following scenario. When a consumer buys a car from Nissan, the firm keeps a record of the transaction for future reference. Even years after the purchase, they are committed to making their consumers happy. They follow up by informing their consumers that their car needs maintenance, for example. The customer’s email address is added to the year category at the time of purchase, and they are informed with an alert when it’s time for a checkup at a certain time.

There are plenty of other strategies to attract your dormant lead’s attention besides the method outlined above, such as offering a free consultation or a discounted membership.

Divide these leads into a new segment and devote additional automation marketing resources to them.

  • Highly Motivated Subscribers

Subscribers are fickle creatures! They initially show a lot of attention and enthusiasm, but as time goes on, they become less enthusiastic. This is the point at which you must strike. Don’t waste your time with subscribers who aren’t interested in reading your stuff.

Divide your subscribers into warm and cold leads before employing your automation procedure for another segment. Send a high-quality email to all of your subscribers. Those that click-through can be sent down the funnel, while the remainder can be put on hold for now. You may now give them personalized content or incentives to encourage them to make a purchase.


Marketing automation is not as difficult as many companies believe. If used correctly and at the right moment, it can be a terrific approach to create leads. We, Aiozium, are here to offer you the best lead generation tactics. You can utilize this strategy to re-engage clients and generate sales leads when we provide you with a variety of services or sell a vast catalog of products. On each of your product pages, all you need is a single automation rule and a line of code. Do you still think buying leads is a good idea? After all, they’re not going to be of any use to you. You’ll notice a significant rise in your conversion rates if you use these tactics.