List Segmentation has now become very significant for every business. All your customers require different content to consume as per their requirement. Did ever give a thought to this? While you segment your database for email marketing, list segmentation helps you there. But while most marketers realize that email is here to stay, unfortunately, that doesn’t exactly mean that certain best practices in email marketing have caught on. Such Best Practices are segmentation. Segmenting your communications can increase the significance of your email marketing campaigns for your customers.  So if you’re not slicing and dividing your email database into different segments and tailoring your email content to those individual contact groups, we think you could use some convincing.

Read on to find out why all marketers should segment their communications by e-mail. All customers are not similar and there are usually several ideal customers for any given business. They are two quite different groups of customers and have quite different issues and needs, which means they can be handled very differently, right? So if you did some email marketing to these two target customers, covering them up with the same, broad message wouldn’t be as effective. Your email database is made up of contacts that interact with your business at varying stages. This means that your contacts are in the sales cycle at different points and they require different types of information and communication depending on the point at which they are.

When you send targeted, segmented email to your audience, it goes without saying that your emails are more engaging to the public. Targeted and segmented lead nurturing emails are found to generate an 8 percent click-through rate compared to general email sending, which generates just a 3 percent click-through rate. In other words, targeted sending results in more clicks, meaning that recipients engage with the content within segmented email and take the actions you want them to take. Nailing down buyer personas from your business and the different stages in your sales cycle are just the start. If it comes to the variety of different ways you can slice and dice a mailing list, there are infinite possibilities.

Too often segmentation is something a marketer just dreams of and list segmentation does it for you. But who said marketing was easy anyway? Segmentation is becoming increasingly a must-have in the email marketing world, and marketers who take advantage of it and do it well get higher click-through rates, better deliverability, and more revenue from their email send than their non-segmenting counterparts do. Get List Segmenting now with Aiozium. 

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