Imagine if you could save all the extra costs on the marketing efforts that you’re investing now. What if you can enhance your productivity just by inculcating automation? Yes, this article talks about the greatest benefits of marketing automation. The significance that marketing automation keeps is, it simplifies the organizational as well as marketing tasks. The repetitive manual processes are eliminated by substituting them with automated solutions that bring efficiency. In this way, the marketing department will be able to focus more on those tasks that require manual monitoring as the productivity will have increased.

A successful marketing campaign will require your different range of assets like conversion pages, forms call to actions, etc., whereas an automated workflow will tie all these together. One of the biggest hindrances is the human error that occurs as a blockage because of the repetitive manual task performed. Advanced software platforms include the automation of internal marketing processes. Tools that are used in marketing automation have multiple purposes which means that they can be used in various marketing platforms which include email campaigns, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), CRM tools as well as social media management.

Would you not like it if you are a marketing professional and your life would be a whole lot easier? Absolutely! Therefore, marketing automation serves as a centralized hub for distinct activities involved. While talking about the investments made in marketing automation seems to be a bit rough but then if these tools are utilized properly, the investment made seems to be upfront. It has been observed that the B2B markets have had successful lead nurturing programs with increased 20% sales opportunities. The Gartner Customer 360 Summit says that almost 85% of client relationship management in the businesses will be done without human interaction, which is by the use of marketing automation only.

The biggest challenge for every company is to bring a balance between customer acquisition and customer retention. The prospect of acquiring new customers is exciting and then it also has less cost to keep the existing customers happy. An effort to use marketing automation happens in retaining the customer which comes in the form of marketing intelligence. Due to marketing automation, most of the companies can predict the needs and decisions of customers which enables them to bring the necessary actions without wasting much of time. Hyper personalization, segmentation are the biggest assets of marketing automation.

It enables every lead to the relevant strategies which include lead nurturing, lead qualification, triggering the campaigns, lead scoring models, sales, marketing alignment as well as digital footprint analysis. While we talked about the benefits, here is someone who gives you these benefits. Aiozium! The company that can provide you with all the benefits that are discussed above. Not only this but all the AI-enabled guidance that is necessary for your company to grow.