Do you want to cut down on the time you spend on email marketing campaigns? 

To expand your website, you’ll need to use marketing automation software to do repetitive duties for you.

We’ll show you the finest marketing automation software for small businesses in this post so you can save time and money with your internet marketing.

What Is Marketing Automation Software and How Does It Work?

Marketing Automation Software (MAS) is a technology platform and service that automates time-consuming online chores. It was created to help marketers and businesses sell their brands more successfully using websites, email, and social media.

Smaller companies should employ marketing automation software since companies that use computerized lead management solutions report a 10% boost in revenue.

However, many people mix up Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation Software. So let’s talk about the distinctions between the two so you know what each one does.

What’s the Distinction Between CRM and Marketing Automation?

The most significant distinction between these types of software is which aspect of your organization they target.

Simply said, CRM services are primarily concerned with sales, whereas marketing automation software is concerned with marketing.

However, because CRM and marketing automation technologies both deal with leads and contacts, their functionality occasionally overlaps. Because CRM solutions have so many features, you’re more likely to see marketing automation capability in a CRM rather than the other way around.

Check out our piece on the top CRMs for small businesses if you’re seeking tools to aid you or your sales team with lead nurturing and relationship management.

Let’s look at how to choose the finest marketing automation software for small businesses so you can make the best decision possible.

Which Marketing Automation Software Is the Best?

So, when it comes to automation, what is the finest marketing software for small businesses?

Take a look at the following:

  • Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an excellent automation software provider since it is user-friendly while still offering a robust set of capabilities for automating your email marketing.

You can send a single welcome email, targeted messages to certain people, or an automated email series to assist with lead nurturing, for example.

You’ll also get a lot of aid from this lead generation tool, which is noted for its excellent customer service, online training, and informative webinars.

  • Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a sales and marketing tool that allows you to communicate with your consumers via social media, live chat, email, and even text messaging.

Sendinblue allows you to segment your email list and send tailored emails to your customers automatically.

They also provide an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that allows you to simply design fully automated email campaigns. You may also use Sendinblue with WP Mail SMTP to ensure that transactional emails are delivered reliably.

  • OptinMonster

You’ll need subscribers to make your automated marketing campaigns a success.

OptinMonster can assist you in creating visually appealing lightboxes, landing pages, and popups that collect a large number of leads. Additionally, their fantastic ChatBot function allows you to automate social media marketing.

Plus, using OptinMonster’s behavior customization function, you can quickly categorize leads and customers to automatically funnel individuals into your campaigns while you sit back and watch.

  • WPForms

WPForms is the easiest drag-and-drop form builder on the market for beginners. You can also combine your forms and leads into 1,300+ web applications with the Zapier plugin, including Sendinblue, Constant Contact, Hubspot Marketing, Freshsales, and Drip.

WPForms also lets you automate your marketing by creating workflows for things like payments, subscriptions, and registrations (with the Pro version).

  • SeedProd

Even before you launch your site, it’s a good idea to maintain your marketing efforts current. You may also collect leads for your marketing funnels while constructing your website using SeedProd. You won’t lose any potential clients this way.

Even if your site is under construction, SeedProd allows you to collect emails and drive traffic to it. In other words, you may use marketing automation software to help you create your website while you focus on it.

  • Uncanny Automator

You can put your complete small company website on autopilot using Uncanny Automator. This application allows you to automate activities by connecting all of your existing plugins and apps.

No coding is required to generate “recipes” based on user behavior and convert those behaviors into marketing workflows and sales possibilities.

When a person sees a sequence of pages, for example, they are sent a sales email. Alternatively, once a user purchases a product, they may receive a follow-up email.

  • Drip

Because it focuses on eCommerce firms, this highly rated marketing automation tool differs from the others on this list.

And email marketing automation is one of Drip’s numerous capabilities. As a result, it may assist you with email creation, automated workflows, and targeted email campaigns.

Furthermore, the platform has a powerful analytics dashboard that allows you to track the progress of your marketing campaigns.

  • HubSpot Marketing

Hubspot is a well-liked and well-reviewed CRM that also offers a marketing automation service. It has a visual board that allows you to create your own drip programs based on specified conditions.

This technology, however, can be a little difficult to master, but happily, HubSpot Academy is available to assist you.

  • AgileCRM

AgileCRM also offers a visual dashboard for managing email campaigns. In addition, the tool allows you to create web popups, auto-responders, and customized campaigns. You can use them on the web, on mobile devices, and on social media.

In addition, AgileCRM may assist with lead scoring by tracking email opens, link clicks, online browsing activity, and custom tags. And, thanks to lead scoring, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly which leads to pursue and when.

  • Freshsales

Freshsales is a CRM with built-in automated marketing solutions. Their straightforward workflows allow you to set up triggers that send emails to customers or other employees inside your company.

Freshsales can also assist you in automating repetitive emails like follow-ups and webinar invitations.

  • Infusionsoft by Keap

InfusionSoft by Keap is a well-known piece of software that many small business owners and marketers rely on. Different email campaigns can be created based on factors such as which lead magnet someone signs up for and/or how many emails they open and engage with.

Plus, using their pre-built templates, you can construct a great-looking landing page in just a few clicks.

That’s all there is to it! We hope you found this list of the finest small business marketing automation software useful. Are you looking for further tools?

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