What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “Marketing Automation”? Many of us associate the phrase with cold industrial procedures, vast rows of robot machines on the assembly line, and spam emails with generic, impersonal greetings.

“NO!” is an instinctual reaction for the vast majority of us.

There would only be one answer if we went out and asked the man or woman on the street if they would want a firm to deal with them on a human level or with automated processes. They’re not likely to choose the robots.

But there’s a way to turn this around. What if we asked them to explain the most positive customer interaction they’d ever had? Which company was responsible for this? What went wrong? How did the company go above and beyond in providing excellent service and a memorable experience at every touchpoint?

Then we may ask them if they believe a personal touch or automated marketing procedures contributed to their positive experience. Most people would probably vote for the former, and most people would be wrong.

Personal and automated collaboration

Marketing automation isn’t a self-driving car; it’s not a cruise control system that allows us to sit back and relax while our company takes care of itself. Instead, it’s a platform, a facilitator that offers us the extra time and resources we need to expand our company and improve its overall performance.

Assume we’ve used customer segmentation to recruit leads, nurture them as they go through the acquisitions funnel, and convert them into customers. We then use our customer knowledge to provide automatic post-sale support and restart the nurturing process. Is this sufficient?

The basic answer is no, it isn’t sufficient. This is why we require a human and automated collaboration, in which automated processes and direct, personal engagement are used in tandem.

First and foremost, automated interactions with various client groups must be closely monitored. Processes that work one week may not work the next, and while automation software can provide data and insight into what’s working and what isn’t, it can’t make the changes for us. The way forward is to use automated techniques in conjunction with personal supervision.

Furthermore, we must know when to intervene with personal interaction; when to override automation, and provide our own aid and support. We discover this once again by maintaining track of the system and watching client movements and actions.

When a situation has developed beyond the automated procedures’ ability to handle – for example, when a client has a complaint or when a customer needs to place an exceptionally big order – a personal approach is required. We establish the warm heart of marketing automation by combining automated procedures with a personal touch.

Here are a few strategies to make your automated marketing efforts more personalized.

  • Create a customized homepage to increase conversions.
  • Make your sign-up forms more segmented
  • Make your segmented campaigns more effective.
  • Use psychographics to personalize your emails.
  • Personalize email designs with dynamic content.

Customer service that is faultless

Marketing automation software might be viewed as a time-saving tool. It takes care of the chores we don’t have time for, such as heavy lifting and time-consuming data administration, allowing our employees to focus on what they do best.

Marketing automation, on the other hand, is about far more than making our lives simpler. It also allows us to provide a consistent experience for customers who interact with us, by establishing a single set of procedures that provide them with not just the products and services they want, but also the comfort and ease-of-use they desire.

I’ve already explored the significance of marketing automation in the development of omnichannel strategy. Customer engagement is going omnichannel, and being there for customers through all the twists and turns of modern contact is critical to keeping them and expanding our company.

This, however, also symbolizes the warmth at the core of marketing automation, as well as the personal touch that such automation allows us to deliver.

The modern customer has come to assume convenience as a given. When shopping for products and services, the modern consumer has a smartphone, a personal computer, and a tablet device, and they use all of these channels — in various ways.

The modern customer has a hectic schedule. When our customers need help, they don’t have time to visit our physical locations during business hours, nor do they have time to spend their lunch break navigating complex customer service phone lines when one-on-one engagement is essential.

Businesses who recognize this and are willing to go above and beyond to provide support, assistance and actual value to their customers are primed for success. Warmth, personal communication, and a real desire to provide clients with what they require are all essential in modern business, and they are all supported by a solid, dependable automation system.

We dwell in the Big Data era.

Personalization is, in fact, altering the way we do business. It has a significant impact on the types of content we create.

Consumer data is regularly collected by companies like Facebook in order to improve their offers.

They are, in a sense, masters of personalization. They recognize that individuals want to view information that is relevant to them. I’m sure I do.


Automation is a wonderful thing. Personalization is a fantastic feature.

When you put them all together, you’ve got a jam-packed marketing approach. More significantly, you have a conversion-oriented strategy.

It’s not as difficult as you might believe to create targeted and automated email campaigns. One thing to remember is that you’ll need the appropriate tool for the job. That is where Aiozium comes in. 

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As a result, you’ll be able to develop campaigns with the ROI you desire.

You should be able to develop and write campaigns without needing to spend every waking hour doing so.

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