Do you want to narrow the gap between sales and marketing? 

Well, Lead tracking is the solution.

Lead tracking bridges the gap between sales and marketing by allowing each department to determine where the leads come from and how qualified they are for sales personnel to approach. Leads that aren’t qualified for sales must be nurtured before being passed on to the sales team.

The process of finding the source of leads, actively monitoring where leads are in the sales and marketing funnel, and taking the necessary steps to take the lead to the next stage and close the transaction is known as lead tracking.

Marketing departments may use effective lead monitoring to figure out where their leads came from and how they reached out or were contacted, which can help them figure out which efforts are bringing in the most qualified prospects. The marketing team may then deliver qualifying leads to their sales department with all of the necessary information to close the deal and complete the conversion.

By implementing proper lead tracking, your sales team will have all of the information they need to adapt and individualize their approach for each prospect, increasing the likelihood of conversion or sale.

Who can blame marketing teams for focusing on lead quantity as a crucial metric for growth?

Isn’t it true that more leads mean more revenue?

In a technical sense, no.

In reality, not all leads are made equal.

Many marketing departments make the mistake of passing all leads to sales. They’ll take a breather and wait for sales to seal the deal.

Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence.

Although most people are already familiar with the concept of lead tracking, let’s take a quick look at how it works for clarity’s sake. Lead tracking, as the name implies, is a method that allows businesses to follow lead behavior in the sales funnel.

Effective lead tracking enables sales and marketing teams to seamlessly collaborate and understand what constitutes a high-quality lead and how marketing influences the sales cycle.

While the lead track has a lot of advantages and opportunities, there are a lot of hurdles that prohibit teams from having a unified view of leads and customers.

According to our findings, the top three lead tracking problems are “limited understanding and abilities (53.3 percent), “lack of tools and applications (50.0 percent), and “cross channel trips (43.8 percent).”

More than half of respondents agreed that the major hurdle to successful lead tracking is a lack of skills and expertise.

While it may appear simple, manually monitoring leads from beginning to end usually includes a lot of moving parts. It necessitates a great deal of talent, coordination, and time, which most sales and marketing teams lack.

Don’t worry if any of this sounds vaguely familiar. We’ve got plenty of expert advice and tactics to help you improve your skillset even further.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned as a multi-touch attribution supplier, it’s that lead tracking is tough, if not impossible, without the correct tools. 

Despite technological advancements, many firms still rely on manual lead data entry into their systems. Manual data entry is inefficient, incorrect, and time-consuming.

That’s why lead tracking software like Aiozium is a hidden gem for companies. We make it possible for support, sales, and marketing teams to track lead activity at each stage of the customer experience and determine which channels are responsible for the most qualified traffic and leads.

After the pretty flex, let me tell you about the steps to enhance the accuracy of lead tracking.

Any successful business in any industry relies on accuracy in sales. When it comes to planning, having reliable information is essential.

There are a few basic things you can take to ensure that your business forecast is more accurate. To ensure accuracy and set your business up for success, including the aspects listed below in your lead tracking.

  • UTM tags:

By including UTM Tags in your URLs, your system will be able to track when your prospect took a specific action. This procedure aids you in determining which tactics perform best for your target audience and which do not.

  • Flow charts:

Flow charts help people understand things better because they can see them. These graphs are your road map to the riches of closing a deal.

  • A full-funnel analysis:

The funnel review, like any other system or process, allows your team to understand exactly how everything works. This stage is critical since it ensures that you are not rushing the transaction or waiting too long.

These measures would really help to increase the efficiency and accuracy of your business.

Professionals in sales and marketing are responsible for ensuring that their company’s revenue goals are accomplished. The two teams can collaborate on lead tracking to ensure that these objectives are completed on schedule and with the resources available.

Lead tracking is advantageous not just to businesses but also to customers. The data acquired by tracking leads allows marketers to see what is working, which techniques aren’t, and which initiatives are wasting resources and aren’t boosting the company’s bottom line.

Sales and marketing departments can obtain critical data about their leads by employing lead tracking tactics. Teams may create tailored campaigns with this data at their disposal, resulting in improved ROI at reduced ad costs.

With that being said, why don’t I tell you about a few advantages of lead tracking?

The Upsides of Lead Tracking:

  • Get a better understanding of your lead generation process
  • Boost Your Return on Investment
  • Make Your Sales Process More Efficient
  • Improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • Enhance the Customer Experience

I hope these upsides would have increased your curiosity in lead tracking. For a killer sales game, enhance your lead tracking skills.

Your company’s success is determined by your marketing team’s ability to generate more leads and your sales team’s ability to convert those leads into new customers or clients. You can automate this process using Aiozium and close more businesses faster than ever before.

We provide you with accurate and efficient ways to enhance your sales.