“Sales automation” is more than just a fancy tech word or something that refers to the Salesforce CRM. It is a vital concept that any sales department has to take advantage of if they wish to thrive. If you haven’t been studying automated customer engagement and acceleration tools to improve efficiency and increase revenue, take a moment to learn how sales automation can help you to shorten your sales cycle. The most amazing benefit is that your costs are saved by more than 50%. If repetitive tasks are performed quicker with automatic software, there is a reduced chance of human error during, for example, manual data entry.

 It avoids inventory shortages from the business as inadequate processing will cost up to 20-30% of the annual sales. Don’t you want your sales team to save time and become more effective? An average sales rep’s workload is extremely high, and much of their working time is spent on a pure routine, such as scheduling appointments, logging calls, and creating follow-up tasks. The latest surveys indicate that an increase in automation of the sales force reduces the administrative operating period by 14%. Unburdening your employees with routine tasks means that they can spend more time on what they are supposed to do-selling themselves.

 Did you know that sales automation increases the productivity of your sales team by 15%? It offers Automated Customer Contact capabilities. Simple and customized outreach helps to improve the morale and efficiency of the staff. Statistics speak for itself: sales force automation is reported to increase deal closure by 30 percent. When you learned that he or she had received your newest sales pitch, would you have a better idea about how to handle a prospect? Sales automation provides you with information that can address all these questions and more. You’ll learn how many calls it takes to achieve sales targets by viewing in-depth statistical archives of phone and email operations.

 You’ll appreciate the optimal value of the email models. It’s important that you can calculate sales commitment with a customer, portfolio, or both prospects. It’s imperative that you can measure your sales commission for a prospect, account, or all of your prospects. Incorporate this data into the sales processes so you can identify the activities that will most likely lead to a transaction. Go over this monitoring regularly to see how the prospects react to certain actions. Understanding the data enables you to adapt your selling strategy to suit your ideal client. This is why you must automate your sales efforts!