You believed you had taken all of the necessary steps to get your small business off to a successful start. A marketing director was engaged by you. For your company, you set up social media profiles. You are constantly experimenting with new marketing techniques. You’re also overspending on digital marketing. So, what’s the deal with your ineffective digital marketing?

You are not alone if you are dissatisfied with your present digital marketing outcomes. According to the findings of HubSpot’s 2018 State of Inbound survey, nearly 40% of sales and marketing professionals are unable to demonstrate the ROI of their digital marketing activities. Furthermore, more than 60% of respondents said they struggle to create leads and increase traffic to their website.

Fortunately, there are a few basic actions you can do to get your small business started on the road to digital marketing success. The first and most critical stage is to identify the roadblocks that are blocking you from achieving your goals.

These roadblocks are often the result of your marketing manager or digital marketing agency’s lack of direction and planning. Here are five reasons why your digital marketing isn’t performing as expected.

You Don’t Have A Digital Marketing Strategy

No one said developing a digital marketing plan would be simple. Your possibilities will be restricted, and your sales will suffer if you don’t have a repeatable method in place to maintain your pipeline full. In other words, you’re dooming your company to failure in the long run.

Many factors contribute to business owners or marketing directors failing to adopt a strategy. Business owners, for example, may not understand why or how to design a strategy. Furthermore, some small business owners wear multiple hats and simply do not have the time to develop a strategy.

Marketing directors, on the other hand, have been repeatedly taught the need of establishing a repeatable marketing strategy and have no excuse. Despite their education, many marketing directors proceed with caution, experimenting with the latest trends and approaches. Others appear to be trapped in the past, employing the same antiquated strategies because “this is how we’ve always done marketing.

Whatever the reasons for not having a marketing strategy, your company will never reach its full potential until you take the effort to define your target audience and develop a strategy.

You Haven’t Developed A Social Media Strategy

Social media usage It won’t aid your marketing efforts if you’re only on social media. You’ll need a social media strategy that includes more than just Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Each social media outlet should have a purpose, as well as a way to carry out your weekly strategy.

Unfortunately, many business owners and marketing managers do not have a solid social media strategy in place. They don’t have a social media plan and manage their accounts haphazardly at best. Some of the most typical social media mishaps include:

  • Using social media for only a few minutes per day
  • Ignoring people’s opinions and comments on your websites
  • Making an overly corporate profile
  • Self-promotion is a never-ending process
  • Posting content to your followers that isn’t informative, helpful, or relevant
  • Social media statistics aren’t being tracked.

When it comes to digital marketing, consistency is essential. Consistency with buyer personas, consistency with communications, and consistency throughout the customer journey are three sorts of consistency to strive for in the digital marketing environment.

If you don’t stay consistent in these areas, your brand will struggle to be recognized across multiple media. Inconsistency can play a role in an unsuccessful digital marketing strategy in the following ways:

  • Messaging Inconsistency: Starting a blog is an excellent idea. Your clients may become disengaged if you do not publish new blog content on a regular basis. Worse, if people start to doubt if you have the resources or focus to maintain your own website, their purchase trust in your organization may decrease.
  • Inconsistent Buyer Personas: Failure to adhere to a well-defined buyer persona can lead to misunderstanding and taint the image you’ve worked so hard to build. If your company’s voice is that of an established expert, for example, you’ll want to make sure that your material isn’t casual or humorous in some areas but instructional in others.
  • Customer Journeys That Are Inconsistent: Some businesses excel at generating a positive first impression. During the sales cycle and after the sale, however, their efforts wane. Throughout the customer journey, make sure you maintain a consistent strategy.

You’re Constantly Looking For Methods To Save Time

In the digital marketing realm, there are no fast routes to success. Unfortunately, some marketers appear to be constantly on the lookout for a quick way to fame. They refuse to devote the time and money necessary to achieve excellent results. Instead, they might resort to black hat SEO or leap headfirst into the latest “sure thing” without first conducting thorough research.

In the realm of digital marketing, cutting corners is never a good idea. While these strategies may produce a short-term increase in activity, they rarely produce long-term outcomes and may put your organization in jeopardy. Here are five frequent shortcuts that can jeopardize your digital marketing strategy:

  • Purchasing pre-made consumer email lists
  • Inability to create target personas
  • When it comes to growing a social media following, focusing on a number over quality is a mistake.
  • When it comes to content creation, you engage in keyword stuffing. You never follow up on your endeavors.

You Don’t Keep Track Of Your Campaigns

If you don’t track the results of your digital marketing activities, your company is doomed to failure. You’ll never know why your digital marketing isn’t working if you don’t analyze your marketing results. A lot of people fail badly at marketing — and they don’t even know why they’re failing.


You’ve already done the most critical step toward bettering your digital marketing performance by reading this post. Understanding the most prevalent reasons why your digital marketing isn’t delivering results is critical to designing a strategy that will. The next step is to determine the particular actions that will aid in the transformation of your digital marketing strategy. The action I’m talking about is us, Aiozium. Be a part of us to enjoy the wonderful benefits.